About Us

School At Go

School At Go is a one stop shop for all your needs related to school admissions. School At Go is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide guidance and consultation for hassle free school admissions.

Our motto is to build a community learning platform of parents, to help each other in What, Why, How, Who, Where and Which of education and school admissions.

Why School At Go?

We, School At Go, understand parents’ needs and provides parents with

  • Help to choose a school from well searched database of schools in your city
  • Alerts on school admissions forms
  • Blogs for reference
  • Parents community
  • Discussion Forum
  • School ratings
  • Feedback from other parents on schools in Noida

At School At Go, we strive to provide rich end-to-end experience to parents throughout the process right from preparing for school to deciding a school to admissions in school. Be part of us and let us help you in this beautiful journey of yours.

Vision Statement: To make a community of parents, where they can find and learn anything they might need for the preparation of their child’s education.